Shopee’s New CR7 Ad Got Citizens of the Net and International Media Buzzing

From praises to disses, this ad has surely gone viral!

Ronaldo Goyang Shopee
Sumber Gambar: YouTube Shopee Indonesia

All you Sobat Shopee out there, must have seen the new Shopee ad with Cristiano Ronaldo, right? Some of you may have been shocked initially when you saw your favorite footballer do the legendary Shopee dance. Not only did he seem like he was enjoying himself, the Juventus left-winger also looked like he has done the dance numerous times. It is not a wonder that Ronaldo’s actions in the ad garnered a ton of media coverage – including international ones! 

Meanwhile, in various social media platforms, this ad has got the citizens of the net buzzing. Some give praises, some throw disses and some analyzes the marketing strategy that Shopee uses through that ad. The hashtag #ShopeeAdaRonaldo even made it to the trending topics list on Twitter!


This commercial became the butt of the joke by a Twitter account, called @salisis  who says that Ronaldo’s career may have ‘ended’ after starring in such an advert. While the account @ilhamsat thinks that Ronaldo should not have been the star of the viral commercial, especially while doing the Shopee dance. Despite all the negative criticism though, the Twitter account also appreciated the marketing strategy that Shopee adopted, as they were successful in getting the attention from people around the globe! 


As you can see on the screenshot above, 10daily, which is an Australian online media also found the ad quite outlandish – as they wrote an article titled “Cristiano Ronaldo Stars In TV Ad So Bad, Your Brain Will Melt”. The publication pointed out that there is something weird with the ad when Ronaldo says the word ‘Shopee’ with his accent. “No idea. But it’s like he’s a robot or something” added the writer of the article. 

Apart from the positive and negative reactions that the commercial got, this commercial surely has got people talking. It’s undeniable that Shopee always delivers surprises in their ads. 

So, what about Sobat Shopee? Do you like this new Shopee ad? 


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