Sobat Shopee, Have You Seen the New Shopee Ad featuring Cristiano Ronaldo?

The one where CR7 does the Shopee Dance!


Who has not heard of the name Cristiano Ronaldo? The legendary Portugese footballer with international fame never fails to gain the attention of football fans all around the globe. Nick-named as CR7, Cristiano has managed to use his charm and athleticism to his favor by being the star of not only the football field, but also numerous international ad campaigns and commercials. Well, Sobat Shopee must already know by now that Cristiano Ronaldo has been recently been appointed as the newest brand ambassador of Shopee, and has led its latest TV commercial. 

Yup, after being officially announced as the newest brand ambassador for Shopee, CR7 now stars in the latest Shopee ad which is known to always deliver a surprising twist. The ad starts with CR7 doing his iconic Cristiano Ronaldo free kick, which of course ends in a goal. Then the scene takes a weird turn, after Cristiano scores his goal, the bystanders at the stands seem to not be paying much attention to him, because they were all busy scrolling through the Shopee app. The referee then enters and gives him a ‘orange card’ with the Shopee logo. What makes more of a sensational twist was when Cristiano suddenly starts doing the Shopee dance, and looks like he is enjoying himself. 

Only just recently released, this commercial has gathered a lot of attention already – and not just in Indonesia, this ad has also gone viral in several countries around the world. Awesome, right? 

Through this commercial, Shopee is not only introducing its newest brand ambassador. Shopee also asks everyone to take advantage of the various promos that are happening right now, during the Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day campaign that runs from August 16th through September 9th 2019. 

Well, if anything tells you about this Shopee ad featuring Cristiano Ronaldo, it is that this is only just the beginning of the abundance of surprises that Shopee has in store. So Sobat Shopee, just prepare yourselves and don’t miss any of it!


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