Tin HIFI T5S New Generation Dynamic Driver In Ear Monitor Earphone
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Exquisite Design with Innovative Features Crafted with precision, the TINHIFI T5S showcases an elegant and vibrant design with a unique brushed finish dragon faceplate and a multicolored logo. The color-shifting dragon faceplate, featuring two distinct brushed finishes, creates a lively play of light. The exquisite multicolored logo adds an extra touch of elegance to the overall aesthetic. Precision-Crafted Lightweight Aluminum Build Utilizing lightweight and sturdy full aluminum material, the TINHIFI T5S undergoes precise CNC 5-axis high-precision machining for each pair, lasting up to 2 hours of manufacturing time. The result is an incredibly lightweight pair of headphones suitable for daily use, outdoor activities, and extended music sessions. Next-Gen Ultra-linear Diaphragm The TINHIFI T5S employs a unique Topping diaphragm composed of three nano-materials, striking a balance between rigidity and flexibility for higher fidelity sound reproduction. Paired with a special acoustic design and a Japanese CCAW lightweight voice coil, it minimizes diaphragm nonlinear distortion, enhancing the high-fidelity performance of audio devices. Premium Audiophile Cable The TINHIFI T5S comes equipped with a high-quality cable featuring 28 strands of 0.06mm enameled copper and 54 strands of 0.05mm silver-plated copper, achieving a higher level of audio quality. The 2PIN design connectors provide reliable connectivity, and the overall structure, organized in a twisted pair form, Excellent HiFi Audio Adjustment for a Broad Soundstage Featuring innovative triple damping technology, the TINHIFI T5S ensures natural and balanced sound while offering exceptional transparency. The unique sound cavity design creates a broader soundstage, effortlessly showcasing high-frequency details for a delicate and clear audio effect.

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