SIMGOT EA1000 Flagship 1DD+1PR Hybrid Driver In Ear Monitor Earphone
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Sputter Deposition Purple-Gold Diaphragm Technology The heart of the EA1000 lies in its extraordinary SDPGD™ Technology. Developed over three years by Simgot, this diaphragm is a testament to precision and ingenuity. It boasts remarkable characteristics, including high rigidity, exceptional hardness, lightweight construction, and the perfect blend of elasticity required for deep bass. 2nd Generation Dual-Magnet Dual-Cavity Dynamic Driver Derived from the flagship EA2000 and further optimized, the second-generation DMDC™ dynamic driver revolutionizes earphone design. Unlike traditional single-magnetic circuitry, DMDC™ dynamic driver offers both inner and outer magnetic circuits 1DD+1PR Acoustic Architecture Building upon EA2000's success, the EA1000 utilizes a 10mm Dynamic Driver (DD) paired with Passive Radiator (PR) configuration. This innovative design enhances low-frequency texture and ambient dispersion. Detachable Nozzles The EA1000 features a threaded, interchangeable nozzle design, offering endless possibilities for sound customization. It comes with three meticulously crafted nozzles: one brass and two stainless steel. These nozzles, each with its unique tuning philosophy and approach, allow users to switch between 3 different tuning styles, expanding the headphone's adaptability and catering to different sonic preferences. High Purity Silver-Plated OFC Litz Structure Cable EA1000 comes with a state-of-the-art high purity silver-plated OFC Litz structure cable, which ensures that your audio signal remains untainted. Say goodbye to interference and distortion, and hello to pure, unadulterated sound. Specification: Drivers: 10mm dual-magnetic-circuit & dual-cavity structure dynamic Cable: High Purity Silver-Plated OFC Litz Structure Connectors Type: Detachable 0.78mm 2Pin

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